Boost Your Productivity with beams: Success Stories from Can, Alexandra, and Max

Productivity is a crucial aspect of every employee's work life. In today's fast-paced work environment, the ability to concentrate and remain focused is a challenge. Can, Alexandra, and Max are all busy individuals with different roles and responsibilities. beams is a mindful productivity tool that can assist them in streamlining their tasks, improving their focus, and increasing their productivity.
“I use beams’ focus mode to complete my tasks in full focus - no incoming messages, my focus goal located in the menu bar, fully concentrated on the current task!”
beams user Can (Engineer & Entrepreneur in residence @ Antler)
Can is an engineer and entrepreneur in residence at Antler. He is learning new skills and handling different tasks as a founder. He states that "beams is like a compass for me, it’s always there for me when I need orientation and supports me to be in control of all my upcoming tasks." He uses beams to split his tasks into longer time blocks, such as maker, manager, and research time, and focuses on completing them without any distractions. As a focus tool for work, beams’ focus mode allows him to avoid distractions and concentrate on his work. He also likes to jump into upcoming meetings a few minutes earlier, which he can do with beams' shortcut. beams has helped Can remain focused and avoid distractions, improving his productivity.
“beams seemed like something “small” to me at first but today it actually has a huge grounding impact on my daily work. I can’t work without it anymore!”
beams user Alexandra (Product Manager @ Rekoo)
Alexandra is a product manager at Rekoo. She loves to deep-dive into topics while working on a concept. However, she often finds herself distracted by new Slack messages and emails. She breaks her weekly goals down into daily tasks and writes them down on paper to structure her day. To focus, she manually creates focus blocker events in her calendar, uses Mac focus mode, and works with her tools in full screen. She enjoys beams’ grounding impact on her daily work. beams has helped Alexandra improve her focus and avoid distractions like no other focus tool for work, enabling her to work efficiently and accomplish more during the day.
“beams starts and ends my day. In the morning, the beams logo in the menu bar is the first thing I click to get a quick overview, and it accompanies me stressless through the whole day.”
beams user Max (Senior UX Designer @ DieProduktMacher)
Max is a UX Designer who needs to manage his time and prioritize his tasks. He uses beams to create a to-do list and track his progress. Max mentions that "I can use beams to keep track of the tasks that I need to accomplish, and I can see my progress as I work through them." He also likes to use beams to block distracting websites and apps to stay focused. Max values the community aspect of beams and the helpful tips he receives from the Slack channels. beams has helped Max manage his time, stay organized, and remain focused.

To sum it up

beams is an excellent mindful productivity tool that can benefit individuals and teams in different roles and industries. Can, Alexandra, and Max are just a few examples of how beams has helped people feel more accomplished at work. beams offers a range of features that can assist users in staying focused and avoiding distractions with focus mode, seeing their meeting overview, and join calls in a single click or shortcut. Overall, beams is a useful tool for anyone who wants to work better, not more.